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The Morris County Park Police are responsible for providing police services within the largest county park system in New Jersey. The department utilizes standard police package sedans as well as several 4 wheel drive vehicles to respond to calls for service and for traffic enforcement. All patrol vehicles are equipped with traffic radar, mobile computer systems, in car video cameras and emergency / first aid equipment. The patrol cars are capable of radio communications with all Morris County municipal and county law enforcement agencies and several cars are equipped with  the lo-jack stolen vehicle recovery system. Many officers are alcotester and D.W.I. certified and two officers are certified drug recognition experts. In addition to speed / traffic enforcement in the county parks, the patrol unit also operates traffic radar on various public roads and highways in Jefferson Twp., Chatham Twp., Mendham Twp., Morris Twp., Washington Twp. and Montville. The unit also participates in both the Morris and Passaic county aggressive driving task forces, the Click it or Ticket  national seat belt safety campaign and various D.W.I. task forces throughout Morris County. The patrol unit also responds to and supports any municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agency that requires assistance.

What if a Police Officer Stops You in Your Vehicle?

Law enforcement officers make many traffic stops. Usually, they pull a vehicle over when believe an offense has occurred. Sometimes you may be stopped because you and/or your vehicle matches the description of a vehicle or person that the police may be on the lookout for.  You may be nervous and resentful, or concerned about a ticket. However, officers are very concerned about their safety during these stops, which explains many of their actions. These tips will help officers and drivers stay safe during a traffic stop.
  • When pulled over, drive safely to a place out of traffic. Do not get out of your car unless the officer asks you to step out. You must present your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Tell the officer where it is before reaching for it.
  • Sit calmly, with your hands visible on the steering wheel. Passengers should sit quietly with their hands visible. Avoid sudden movements or ducking in the seat; these actions can alarm the officer.
  • At night, turn on your dome light; it's the law in NJ. For safety, the officer will want to see inside the car before approaching the driver.
  • If you receive a ticket, it does not help to argue. You have the right to challenge it in court.


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